Crafting in-flight products demands a thoughtful approach, considering the specific requirements in the aviation industry. At NCM, our emphasis is on creating products to the requirements of our clients.

Innovative Solutions

As airlines strive to provide a more personalized and enhanced in-flight experience for their passengers, there is a growing need for innovative solutions for in-flight products. We specialize in providing such solutions to cater to the industry.

Quality Control

We follow our comprehensive and effective quality control program for all products. Our inspectors are based at the production facilities. The QC is done at all steps of production thereafter, packaging and dispatch.

Global Reach

NCM takes pride in serving the aviation industry with unparalleled expertise and products. We deliver our exceptional in-flight products to airlines across continents. We work closely with our business partners to establish strong relationships.

Product Range

Diverse product selection to suit every requirement.


We firmly believe in sustainability and actively prioritize the environment. NCM is committed to “GO GREEN"

On Time Services

We ensure that our clients have the products and services they need On Time Every Time.

ISO Accreditation

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, our unwavering commitment is to maintain the utmost standards of excellence and customer contentment.